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As we pass the halfway mark of summer, planning one last camping trip is on every family’s to-do list. Whether you prefer hiking or bird watching with your kids, camping offers a variety of activities for old, young and the whole entire family. But, how do you fend off boredom (especially with the littles) on the road and at the campsite? Enter: kids camping printables.

Some parents who have young children are constantly looking for visual ways to teach their little ones camping skills. A great way to do this is through worksheets and kids camping printables. We found these 14 different summer camping games over at Car Rentals complete with custom printables you can take on any road trip. They range from a camping supplies game to an outdoor safety skills game.

The camping supplies game is an excellent teaching tool for children who aren’t old enough to assist with campsite set up. This printable allows kids to get familiar with different supplies and design their ideal campsite on paper. When they’re old enough, your children can apply what they learned.

The outdoor safety skills printable acts as a board game. Simply roll the dice and make your way around the board learning about outdoor safety. Use random camping items as your markers (e.g. an earplug or coin). This can be a bonding activity for the entire family the first night after dinner.

Not only do these camping games serve as educational resources for kids but they’re a great way to keep the mentions of boredom at bay, so you can focus on making memories as a family. Grab your happy campers and experience one last getaway before school’s back in session!

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