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Basic Navigation Pocket Guide


Looking to brush up on your own navigation skills? Or maybe it’s just time to teach your kids. Either way, this little 12-panel folding guide is an unbelievable source of information about navigation in the wild.

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You and your kids will learn primitive navigation skills without tools, as well as map reading and compass navigation techniques. Here’s an example from the Basic & Primitive Navigation Pocket Guide for telling how much daylight is left while you’re on the trail:

“Hold your hand sideways just along the horizon line with your fingers held tightly together. Each finger represents 15 minutes, your full hand (4 fingers with thumb tucked) represents one hour. That means that if the sun is high enough in the sky that you can lay both hands horizontally stacked between the horizon and the sun, you have two hours of daylight left.”

See? Good, right? There’s a lot more from where that came from.


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