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Best Kid’s Camp Care Packages to Make ’em Smile

Spring break is approaching and summer is just around the corner, meaning camp signups are near. Parents of veteran campers may fret over the paperwork and packing but for parents new to summer camp, the thought of sending their kids off can be worrisome. That’s where kid’s camp care packages come into play. Children of […]

Eric Larsen Attempts South Pole Record

What will your Thanksgiving look like this year? Spending time with family and friends? Gorging on a potluck of food? Relaxing in the comfort and warmth of home? Well, not Eric Larsen. He’ll be heading to the South Pole in Antarctica freezing his acorns off during his Last South expedition. All alone. Why, you might ask? […]

20 Best Camping Games For Kids… Illustrated!

Any experienced parent knows the best way to ensure a successful family camping adventure is to have a game plan. Bonus points if your game plan involves games! That’s where this guide to the 20 best camping games for kids comes into play. Some of these camping games for kids are classics, while others will […]

This Mom’s Reaction To Merrell Magic Is Priceless

I can barely watch the news these days. It just sucks. However, I WOULD watch the news if there were more stories like this one. It’s some Merrell Magic and it’s about an amazing mom finding some balance in this crazy world out on the trail. Here’s how it came together.  First of all, Merrell […]

5 Fun Kids Camping Games To Save Your Next Trip

Before heading into the woods with your kids for a camping trip, you not only have to plan what clothing to pack and what gear to bring, but it’s a good idea to think up some creative kids camping games. You’ve got to keep the kids entertained when you’re not out taking a hike, a […]

5 Lessons Learned Huckleberry Hunting

Nature’s a good teacher. One of the best. My wife and I have been hiking for probably 30 years and Nature still has a few lessons up her sleeves for us. Nature was kind enough to remind me of 5 great rules of adventuring and hiking with kids the last two weekends. The first weekend […]

Top 6 Family Survival Stories In The Wild

Survival stories, whether family survival stories or individuals, have always captivated imaginations. It’s because of their ability to draw you in to experience the drama vicariously. They make you wonder if you’d have the grit and wherewithal to make it through to the other side. Many of the best survival stories are about an individual […]

Sierra Club Fights Clearcutting In California

This story was originally published in the Sierra Club’s Stop Clearcutting California newsletter. Written by Steve Lemig. The Stop Clearcutting California Campaign and the Sierra Club had a very successful weekend raising awareness and support at the 2017 California Democratic Convention May 19-21. The annual convention was held in Sacramento at the downtown Convention Center […]

6 Pro Dad Tips For Kid Camping By Keen Ambassadors

Whatcha got planned for Father’s Day this year? It’s coming up. Like, coming up fast. And I gotta say I’m feeling thankful I’ve got friends who are on the ball and already planning a family camping weekend up in the mountains that I can tag along on. Father’s Day camping weekends are the stuff of […]

Mr. Jones Goes To Washington To Protect Our Planet

It’s no secret the Trump administration is not a fan of the environment. But, it is a fan of making money. Pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones and a handful of other outdoor industry representatives tried to take advantage of this last week to make a new case for being friendly to the environment. For years, environmentalists […]