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New Wilderdad Camping Guidebook For Kids

Looking for the ultimate camping guidebook for kids? Boom! Here it is. Discover 100 beautifully illustrated pages of activities and lessons to prepare your children for the great outdoors! PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY FROM AMAZON HERE >   What’s the main reason you want to go camping as a family with your kids? Do you have […]

BMW 330e Hybrid: The Ultimate Dad Car?

Let’s get one thing straight with this BMW 330e hybrid car review. I am not a race car driver, not a professional gear head, or some long-time BMW aficionado who has tracked every nuanced update to every model of BMW since it was founded in 1916.    I did not write this car review to […]

First Campout? These Are The 8 Questions Everyone Asks

Whether you live in a busy city or far out in the sticks, camping is a great way to change things up and have an adventure. But what if you’ve never camped before? How do you prepare for your first campout? What if you do it wrong? Will people laugh at you? Could you get […]

Raising Kids on a Homestead is Easier Than You Think

Many people started homesteading because they had a desire to grow food without chemicals and raise livestock in a humane way. In the process, this way of life gives families many unforeseen benefits that develop their character. It may sound like a hard life, but raising kids on a homestead is incredibly rewarding and also […]

Single Dad Camping Tips for a Successful Trip

Taking the kids camping can be daunting enough when you’ve got another adult on the trip to keep you sane. But as a single dad, camping with the kids by yourself can go downhill in a blink of an eye.    When things go wrong while camping, it can get pretty miserable. If your tent […]

How to Plan a Foolproof Family Ski Vacation

If you don’t hit the slopes often, planning a family ski vacation can be daunting. Ease your worries with these 6 foolproof tips.   You love skiing. Or maybe you’re like me and snowboarding’s more your jam. Either way, you have great memories of a family ski vacation as a kid. And now that you’re […]

Risky Play for Kids: Why They Need It Now More Than Ever 

Plus, 5 risky play activities your kids will love! Ever heard of risky play for kids? You’re not alone if you haven’t. It means a lot of things to a lot of parents, so the best way for me to explain is to start with a story. It snowed the night before. My daughter and […]

Composting For Kids: An Easy Guide To Get Started

Been gardening more this year? Want to get your kids into it too? At some point, you’ll want to start composting to take your garden to the next level. That’s why we’ve pulled together this easy-to-follow guide to composting for kids. We’re all spending more time at home these days, but that doesn’t mean you […]

5 Great Tips To Make Off-Roading With Family Fun

Love off-roading? Love your family? Me too. Believe it or not, you can combine your two passions into one adventure without too much trouble if you follow some basic rules. That’s why, when Chevy reached out to me and asked me to test drive a 2020 Chevy Silverado Z71 Trail Boss for a weekend of […]

How To Teach Kids To Care For The Environment

Times have changed and so have our children. It’s more important than ever to teach kids to care for the environment. You, like me, might have spent your childhood playing in the trees, running around your yard, swimming, and experiencing nature. It’s the reason why many of us have a love of nature and feel […]