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Wild Child | A Daughter’s First Flyfishing Trip

We met on a river. Coldwater. Clear. A river of trout and the promise of a day. Her mom went into the hardware store and left me to watch the wild child, a blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty who was not even two. No problem. But when she projectile-vomited because Mom was gone for 15 minutes, doubt […]

How To Raise Kids To Love The Outdoors

Curious about how to raise kids to love the outdoors? Read Dylan Tomine’s book Closer to the Ground and get ready to be inspired. Raising your kids to love the outdoors is often easier said than done. My wife and I love the outdoors, and nothing would make us happier than if our seven-year-old daughter […]

How Fatherhood Changed These 5 Pro Snowboarder Dads

The snow is starting to fall and snowboarder dads all over the country are dusting off their boards and packing up the kids for some winter family fun. Learn how fatherhood changed these 5 pro snowboarder dads. Snowboarding wouldn’t be what it is today without the likes of Todd Richards (shown above), Bryan Iguchi, Seth […]

Single Dad Camping Tips for a Successful Trip

Taking the kids camping can be daunting enough when you’ve got another adult on the trip to keep you sane. But as a single dad, camping with the kids by yourself can go downhill in a blink of an eye.    When things go wrong while camping, it can get pretty miserable. If your tent […]

Your Perfect Mother’s Day Kit To The Rescue!

When Mother’s Day gifting time rolled around every year, I used to dread it. Not because I didn’t like my mom or my wife, but because I felt stuck between what I should do for my mom, what was best for my wife, and how could I get the kids involved. Being caught in the […]

Parenting in a Pandemic. How to Break Past the Wall.

2020 was a hard year that got harder with every passing week. If dads and moms thought parenting was tough before, we quickly learned that parenting in a pandemic was infinitely harder. Before the pandemic, parents’ plates were already full. But the optimists among us focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Design a Fun, Functional Kids Home Playroom

You can’t always get outside for some family play time. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. And sometimes you just don’t want to deal with packing up a bunch of stuff, right?! Enter the kids home playroom! Playing is a way for the whole family to have fun together. It’s also an important part of child […]

Risky Play for Kids: Why They Need It Now More Than Ever 

Plus, 5 risky play activities your kids will love! Ever heard of risky play for kids? You’re not alone if you haven’t. It means a lot of things to a lot of parents, so the best way for me to explain is to start with a story. It snowed the night before. My daughter and […]

How To Treat Frostnip (Caution: It’s Different Than Frostbite)

NOTE: THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION OF HOW TO TREAT FROSTNIP AND FROSTBITE APPLIES TO BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS! Nothing will ruin a winter adventure faster than your kids getting frostnip or frostbite. And it happens all the time. One minute you’re having fun building a snowman and the next your kid’s falling apart at the seams […]

Dad Podcast Interview: Fatherhood & The Origin Of Wilderdad

Last week, I got interviewed by the guys behind the dad podcast Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat. That’s Mike Smith and Anthony Palmer, both dads, both very funny, and both doing very good work to support dads. There are a ton of dad podcasts out there, but this one is fantastic and I was really excited […]