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The Day I Became A Dad

The air smells briny. Low tide makes it even swampier. It’s August and the evening’s hot sun still feels harsh on my skin. It was a long day at work. Counted the minutes on the office clock before heading out for a run along the lazy, winding path by San Diego’s Mission Bay. I really […]

Best Dad Movies of 2018

Dads had a good year in film in 2018. That’s why we put together the 10 Best Dad Movies of 2018 to help you narrow down your list of must-sees. The range of dads portrayed in film was a solid cross-section of reality. There were outdoor dads, meta dads, rich dads, poor dads, dead-beat dads, […]

Eric Larsen Attempts South Pole Record

What will your Thanksgiving look like this year? Spending time with family and friends? Gorging on a potluck of food? Relaxing in the comfort and warmth of home? Well, not Eric Larsen. He’ll be heading to the South Pole in Antarctica freezing his acorns off during his Last South expedition. All alone. Why, you might ask? […]

5 Best Websites For Rad Dads

Almost half a century of research about fatherhood has resulted in a shocking conclusion. Dads are pretty important to the family unit. OK, maybe it’s not earth-shattering news, but it comes at a time when dads are embracing their role in parenting perhaps more than any point in history. A 2015 Pew Research Center study […]

Wild Child | A Daughter’s First Flyfishing Trip

We met on a river. Coldwater. Clear. A river of trout and the promise of a day. Her mom went into the hardware store and left me to watch the wild child, a blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty who was not even two. No problem. But when she projectile-vomited because Mom was gone for 15 minutes, doubt […]

How To Treat Frostnip (Caution: It’s Different Than Frostbite)

NOTE: THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION OF HOW TO TREAT FROSTNIP AND FROSTBITE APPLIES TO BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS! Nothing will ruin a winter adventure faster than your kids getting frostnip or frostbite. And it happens all the time. One minute you’re having fun building a snowman and the next your kid’s falling apart at the seams […]

6 Best (Worst?) Ways To Pull Your Kid’s Teeth

Losing teeth as a kid is a major right of passage. Every time you pull a kid’s tooth is a tangible milestone they are officially becoming big kids. And while each lost tooth is a joyous occasion kids feel compelled to celebrate, the process is a fraught with ups and downs. It’s exciting. It’s scary. […]

What Bodies of Water Names Mean

What’s the difference between a fjord and an inlet? Have your kids started asking an incessant line of questions? As awesome as it is to be the perceived holder of all the wisdom in the world, there comes a point when you run out of real answers and start making stuff up. Or maybe it’s […]

Are We Having Fun Yet?

It’s a valid question. Are we having fun yet? The line between having fun and being done often gets blurred when you’re having a family adventure. Parents are as likely as kids to ask it in the middle of a rainstorm washing out your campsite, or when temperatures drop to -15 at the ski slope, […]

Your Next Vacation Is On Your 4th Grader

If you’re like most parents, you’re always looking for how to travel cheaply with kids. You work hard enough as it is. Think about all the hours you’ve spent raising your kids. All the sleepless nights, cleaning of messes, making lunches, driving to school, picking up from playdates, helping with homework. I mean, just the amount […]