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Animal Tracks Pocket Guide


Learn alongside your kids to identify 71 bird and animal tracks commonly found all over America. This super easy-to-use, 12-panel, folding guide is essential for your family hiking and camping adventures

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Packed with over 70 bird and animal tracks, this 12-panel pocket guide is an amazing learning tool for you and your kids. The guide is organized by the number of toes animals have: 2 toes, 4 toes, and 5 toes, and includes the 18 most common bird tracks you’re likely to find. You’ll learn the difference between Mountain Goat and Bighorn Sheep tracks, Bobcat from Mountain Lion tracks, and Otter from Beaver tracks.

The Animal Tracks Pocket Guide works double duty to keep your kids occupied in the car ride to the trail, too. It’s laminated too so it’ll hold up to weather and water for years and years.


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