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Traveling by RV with the family is the stuff dreams are made of. Sure, family adventures are not all toasted marshmallows and smiles. But, the memories of a good adventure will for sure last a lifetime. Of course, dads play a pivotal role in making sure everything goes smoothly on every trip. These things include everything from the actual driving and cooking, to the entertainment. Here are 5 top RV travel hacks for dads that’ll make you feel like a pro.



First of the RV travel hacks? Get a little screen time while driving with a Garmin RV 770 LMTS RV specific GPS. No, it will not show the latest installment of your favorite movie franchise, nor can you catch the big game on it. It will however make your drive much easier and stress free. This unit allows you to enter your RV’s weight, length, height, width and number of propane tanks. Using that information, it will plot a course to your destination which avoids low bridges and other obstacles that are unsafe for your RV to navigate. It also finds gas stations, tells the distance to the next rest area and acts as a hands-free relay for your smartphone. Best of all, it gives accurate time to arrival so you can have an answer ready when the kids ask, “are we there yet?”



Do you use an outdoor propane fired grill for cooking? Does it use those bulky and expensive mini-propane bottles? Do you have to haul around a dedicated 20 lb. propane tank? You can cut out all that extra expense, transport and storage hassle by connecting your grill to your RV’s propane system. This is simple to do if your RV has a quick connect propane port. Most grill manufacturers sell a quick connect conversion line for their grills. If your’s does not you may still be in luck. Most propane connection hoses use standard fittings. Simply remove the old regulator/line combination and replace it with a new line that has the appropriate fittings. Once installed, you can connect your grill to your RV’s propane system just like connecting an air tool to an air compressor. If your RV does not have an external propane quick connect you can have one added pretty easily by a qualified RV tech.



Nothing says camping like a camp fire. Getting a campfire going quickly can be a challenge. Unfortunately, you used the last real firestarter you had yesterday and that damp firewood the campground sold you just will not get going. Fear not! It turns out corn chips may be one of the coolest RV travel hacks out there. That’s right. Corn chips. They’re not only great at clogging arteries, they also make great firestarters. Toss a handful in the bottom of the fire pit and put some dry kindling over them. Light the chips on fire and soon you will be relaxing by a warm crackling fire.



After a hard day of family fun, it can be nice to kick back by the campfire and enjoy a nice frosty beverage. As it turns out, your beverage of choice is in a capped bottle and you cannot find the bottle opener. That cap is no match for a little dad ingenuity. Bottle caps can be removed with many common household items including countertop edges, rings, belt buckles, keys and even a properly folded dollar bill. The key is to be able to hook the cap lip on a hard object and then either use the object to pry, pop or work the cap off. With a little practice you will never need a bottle opener again.



The last of the RV travel hacks can be a lifesaver. If your travel trailer or fifth wheel is a dual or triple axle set-up you can safely change a flat tire without the use of a jack. Tow your trailer to an area where it is safe to work. Stack up leveling blocks several blocks high (about 5 blocks should do it). Then pull or push the trailer so the good tire next to the flat tire rolls up on the blocks. This will get the bad wheel high enough to remove it and replace it with a spare. With the new tire on, lower the trailer back off the blocks and you are ready to continue on your journey.


As dads, we play an important role in the family RV experience. And at the same time we want to simplify it for ourselves. These 5 RV travel hacks for dads will make some of those tasks more enjoyable and make the overall travel experience fun and exciting for the entire family. Here’s a good place to start your next RV travel adventure >


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