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What’s the best fake artificial snow for kids? There are a lot of brands out there, but one seems to stand above them all. Snow in Seconds.

This artificial snow is easy to use and a lot of fun. All you have to do is add water and the stuff expands one hundred times. For the Wilderdad test, we put about ten tablespoons of dry “snow” in a tub and added several cups of water and were amazed at how much it grew! Snow in Seconds is non-toxic, so it’s safe around kids and pets, which is a major plus.

Snow in Seconds is so soft and fluffy and totally satisfying to play with that it easily gets our vote for the best fake artificial snow for kids. Watch the video to see Snow in Seconds in action:

Demo: Watch This Artificial Snow Grow In Seconds


What Is Fake Snow Used For?

Artificial snow for kids can be used for anything from school projects to theater set designs to everyday decorations.

But there’s more than one type of fake artificial snow and each has its own unique use. Some snow is shaped for snowball fights, while others have you adding a little water to create snow on the ground over a small area. Another type is specifically made for decorating.

No matter which type of artificial snow you choose, though, there are some things to think about. Some forms of fake artificial snow for kids are messier than others, so if you plan to use it indoors, you might want to think about cleanup. Use a big tub or cover your play area in plastic. A painter’s drop cloth works great to keep cleanup quick and easy.


How Much Artificial Snow Should I Use?

Pay close attention to the amount in each package you buy. If you intend to spread your artificial snow across your backyard, you’ll obviously need a product that can expand to fill that ground. But if you’re filling a snow globe or setting up a small play area for your preschooler, a smaller supply will do. Snow in Seconds expands one hundred times, so you only need a few spoonfuls to start with.

Before you buy, you should also take a look at the instructions. With some artificial snow, you just add water and wait for results. Others require you to add water or shred it into smaller pieces to spread out. Some snow requires no work whatsoever. Just open the package and start having fun.

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