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Best Camping Games For Kids

Any experienced parent knows the best way to ensure a successful family camping adventure is to have a game plan. Bonus points if your game plan involves games! That’s where this guide to the 20 best camping games for kids comes into play.

Some of these camping games for kids are classics, while others will be new to you. No matter which games you choose, feel good knowing you’re not only helping pass the time, but you’re also helping your kids grow and be healthy. That’s the beauty of outdoor play. It’s really good for kids developmentally. Read why outdoor adventures and playtime are so healthy.

See if your favorite camping games for kids made it on this list. If not, let us know what other games your family plays on your outdoor adventures. Enjoy!

20 Best Camping Games For Kids

Click here for the complete guide to the 20 best camping games for kids.

Main photo credit: Ales Krivec

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