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1989 NIke Air Pegasus

There it is. My very first pair of real live running shoes. Same exact color too. The 4th model of the Nike Air Pegasus. Up until I got these shoes in 1988, I ran in Vans, Airwalks, Pony (remember those?), Converse or worse…Thom McAns.

These Nikes were game-changers for me. I had just started running cross-country for my high school and I felt like a totally different runner wearing these things. They weighed just 11 ounces, featured long-lasting synthetic leather overlays, soft EVA foam, and a big air cushioning pouch in the heel that really smoothed out landings.

Crazy to look at the Pegasus from 1988 because I think the design holds up pretty well to today’s looks. Of course, today’s designs have been mined from the 80s so that could certainly explain it.

Check out the Complete History of Nike Pegasus running shoes here > Stay tuned for the next installment in the History of (My) Running Shoes when I dig up my 2nd pair of real running shoes, the 1991 Asics Tiger GEL-Lyte III.

Steve Lemig

Steve Lemig is the founder of Wilderdad. He's been a lot of things over the years. Skateboarder. Mountain biker. Climber. Snowboarder. Bike mechanic. Forest firefighter. Woodworker. Creative director. These days he's a runner, writer, husband, and father. He writes stories to empower dads and encourage them to share outdoor adventures with their kids as a tool to strengthen families and build respect for the environment. He has also been the Communications Director at Road Runner Sports for the last 13 years.