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Welcome to the Wilderdad Recommended page, the home of the best recommendations here for gifts and gear to elevate your family adventures. I know you’re busy, so the goal of this page is to sift through all the stuff for parents out there and simplify the list to save you time. I add new products and new categories every month, so come back often.

I’m starting with a list of the best gifts for dads and best gifts for moms. Next up: Best Kid’s Gifts.


Recommended Best Dad Gifts
These are the best gift ideas for dads. See everything from clothes and shoes to outdoor gear and grilling must-haves.
Best Mom Gifts
Need a gift for mom? Here’s a freshly updated list of everything from clothes, shoes, and cozy socks to books and coffee mugs.

Affiliate note:
some companies I recommend offer commissions for online referrals and some don’t. I choose stuff I’ve tried personally, have extensively researched, or come recommended from friends I trust. If you don’t see anything you like, no problem. But if you see something you like, great. Click the product link and know that your purchase will help support this blog and my family’s mission to help parents and kids get outside and have more fun together. Thanks!