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Food & Fitness

Is Running Good For Kids?

Is running good for kids? Half of you are thinking, “Is this a trick question? F*** yeah running is good for my kids—it tires them out and they actually fall asleep at a normal time.” The other half are thinking, “Well, I don’t know. A little running is good, but running too far can cause […]

5 Easy & Healthy Breakfasts For Kids They’ll Actually Eat

Looking for healthy breakfasts for kids they’ll actually eat? Look no further! But first, I believe there are two kinds of parents: Soon-to-be parents who say they’re only going to let their kids eat organic, whole, unprocessed foods. And real parents who are just happy to see their kids eat anything, including Pringles, fruit gummies, […]

5 Lessons Learned Huckleberry Hunting

Nature’s a good teacher. One of the best. My wife and I have been hiking for probably 30 years and Nature still has a few lessons up her sleeves for us. Nature was kind enough to remind me of 5 great rules of adventuring and hiking with kids the last two weekends. The first weekend […]

My Knee X-Rays Came Back And…

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries for runners. Everyone knows that. It goes hand in hand like bread and butter, peanut butter and chocolate, oceans and beaches. It’s so common that the phrase “runner’s knee” is used to describe any number of injuries and pains in and around the knee regardless if […]

#1 Rule In Race Training

Alright, so I just finished telling you how great The Cool Impossible is and how it’s your secret weapon to running injury-free, and here I am with a knee injury. C’est la vie, right? So, three weeks ago I was doing hill repeats in preparation for Denver’s 10th Anniversary of the Colfax Marathon. Just getting […]

Your Secret Weapon To Injury-Free Fitness

OK, so I read Born to Run by Chris McDougall a while back. Great read, no doubt. It laid the foundation for people all over the world to get off their asses and stop using the excuse, “I just wasn’t made to run.” Well, through personal anecdote, a bit of science, and hanging out with […]

Is Sleep Your Enemy?

You spend a third of your day counting sheep. Not a big deal, right? Most people sleep 7-9 hours a night. But, think about it. In the course of a year, that’s the equivalent of 122 days. Imagine all that time spent with your eyes closed. Now, we know sleep is critical for recharging your […]

5 Steps To Achieve Your Training Goals

Many people think New Year’s resolutions are 100 percent worthless, but that’s not quite true. They’re only 92 percent worthless. How do I figure? Because 8 percent of the 126 million Americans who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. By the end of the third week of January, somewhere around the 23rd (that’s today!), […]